Château Spill

Château Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

Introducing Chateau Spill, the ultimate red wine stain remover that Wired Magazine hails as “inarguably” the best in the market. This commercial-grade formula works instantly to eliminate both fresh and old wine stains from clothing, carpets, and upholstery. Despite its potency, it’s non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals like peroxide, chlorine, and sulphates. Conveniently packaged in a wine bottle design, it’s easy to use—simply spray, blot, and rinse. Ideal for on-the-go emergencies, it’s a must-have travel accessory and a perfect gift for any wine enthusiast.




Say Goodbye to Wine Stains

Discover the ultimate solution for wine lovers everywhere – the Chateau Spill Stain Remover. Wired Magazine hails it as the quintessential red wine stain remover, a testament to its unrivaled effectiveness.

Powerful Stain Removal, Instant Results

Banish wine stains with ease using our professional-grade formula. Whether it’s clothing, carpets, or furniture upholstery, the Chateau Spill Stain Remover works its magic instantly, leaving no trace of the stain behind. Say farewell to both fresh spills and stubborn old stains with this remarkable product.

Safe, Eco-Friendly, and Hassle-Free

Rest assured knowing that our stain remover is free from harmful chemicals like peroxide, chlorine, and sulphates. Its pH-neutral formula ensures that it’s tough on stains but gentle on your belongings. With no need to worry about damaging your wardrobe or bedding, you can tackle wine stains with confidence.