Château Spill

Chateau Spill Stain Removal Sachets (Pack of 10)

Introducing Chateau Spill Wipes, the ultimate portable solution for red wine mishaps. These compact wipes fit easily into your wallet or handbag, ensuring you’re always prepared for on-the-go emergencies. Whether you’re at a party or a restaurant, these wipes work instantly to eliminate both fresh and old wine stains from clothing, carpets, and upholstery.




Versatile Stain Removal

Experience the power of Chateau Spill Sachets, your ultimate solution for tackling tough stains. Our innovative formula is not just limited to red wine stains; it works wonders on a variety of household stains, including stubborn berries, makeup smudges, and even blood stains. Say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with multiple stain removers – with Chateau Spill Sachets, you have a versatile solution at your fingertips.

Gentle Yet Effective Cleaning

Don’t let the tough-on-stains reputation fool you – Chateau Spill Sachets are gentle on your clothing, skin, and the environment. Unlike harsh chemical cleaners, our sachets contain no chlorine, peroxide, phosphates, or other harmful ingredients. You can trust that our 100% biodegradable surfactants and naturally derived non-toxic ingredients will effectively remove stains without causing damage or irritation.

Convenient On-The-Go Solution

Never worry about stains ruining your day again – with Chateau Spill Sachets, you can carry the power of stain removal wherever you go. Perfectly sized to fit in your wallet or handbag, these sachets are your secret weapon against stains on the fly. Whether you’re out on the town or traveling, you can trust Chateau Spill Sachets to keep your clothes looking pristine.